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You will begin to see a significant pickup in leveling speed at this point, because of both your talents and the explosion of gear selection which begins in Zul'Farrak at level 44. Maraudon continues this trend around level 48, and it continues through Sunken Temple to Blackrock Depths and the remaining end-game instances (Stratholme, Scholomance, Zul'Gurrub, etc).

Your goal in Zul'Farrak is to get the Sandstalker Ankleguards from Zerillis who sometimes patrols around the fountain in the second courtyard. These leather shoes may look funny, but . having 17 agility and 6 strength is nothing to sneeze at!

' In Maraudon, there are beneficial items from both sides, and if you try to get the Scepter of Celebras you will eventually run into them. Do show preference to running the orange side of the instance, Meshlok the Harvester (rare) drops a 25 agility 10 stamina leather chestpiece, : and Razorlash has a chance to drop some 16 agility 10 stamina leather shoulders.

If you have the quest to kill Princess Theradras, you will be rewarded with a Thrash Blade, a sword that occasionally attacks twice (even from a sinister strike!), and she also can drop the Blackstone Ring. This ring adds 6 stamina, 20 attack power and 1% chance to critical. One rogue I know has run Molten Core over 20 times and still uses his Blackstone Ring by choice— get the Blackstone Ring.

Sunken Temple is an instance involved in the level 52 rogue quest. In addition to this quest providing one of three stealth-level increasing boots in World of Warcraft, the five dragons at the bottom of the instance have a chance to drop some incredibly good daggers. The Firebreather dagger can drop off the four flying drakes and has a built in fireball attack. ' Eranikus himself drops a dagger called the Dire Nail, with a random enchantment on it—get agility or power and you will be in rogue heaven. Not to mention the random leather shoulder drop from the trolls above the dragons and the Darkwater Bracers (randomly enchanted) from „ Atal'arion in the lower part of the temple. If you are lucky, Dragon's Call (an epic sword that can summon a dragon) will grace your hands.

Blackrock Depths is a good instance for rogues. There appear to be very few weapons here that a rogue cannot use. A good sword drops from General Angerforge along with a trinket which occasionally generates extra attacks (even from Hemorrhage or Sinister Strike). Hurley Blackbreath in the bar drops leather boots with fire resistance on them (good for Molten Core later) as well as a nice dagger which looks like a beer stein.

Plugger Spazzrig is standing right above where Hurley is, and he has the Barman's Shanker and several other pieces of leather equipment. Phalanx, also in the bar, drops two different fist weapons. The rest of his gear is plate, but the fist weapons are second to none before you start raiding.

Ambassador Flamelash drops a decent fire resistance cape, this is another piece you will want for Molten Core, and there are some leather drops in the Chamber of Summoning shortly after, him. Emperor Daggran Thaurissian doesn't have as many rogue drops as the other bosses in Blackrock Depths, but he does have the dreaded Ironfoe. This epic hammer sometimes gives you two extra swings after an attack, and it appears you can get up to six hits between this and a Hand of Justice.

You should also kill Incendius a few times for some leather bracers with fire resistance on them. They come with either +stamina and strength, +stamina and agility, or +strength and agility in addition to their 10 fire resistance. You'll want a set of these eventually.

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