Sword Mace Specialist

Purpose: To garner the most effect out of swords or maces possible, making the most of an epic weapon of those types.


Improved Eviscerate - rank 3/3 Malice - rank 5/5 Ruthlessness - rank 3/3 Improved Slice and Dice - rank 3/3 Relentless Strikes - rank 1/1

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Lethality - rank 5/5 Combat

Improved Gouge - rank 3/3 Improved Sinister Strike - rank 2/2 Deflection - rank 5/5 Precision - rank 5/5 Riposte - rank 1/1

Dual Wield Specialization - rank 5/5

Blade Flurry - rank 1/1

Sword or Mace Specialization - rank 5/5

Aggression - rank 3/3

Adrenaline Rush - rank 1/1

Both of these builds almost require a Hand of Justice from General Angerforge in Blackrock Depths. The goal is to keep Slice and Dice active to generate as many chance for Mace Specialization and Sword Specialization to activate and either stun the opponent or deliver a second blow. Notice how all of the talents are designed to speed things up by generating additional attacks?

Improved Sinister Strike reduces the cost of Sinister Strike so you can use it more often in a short period. Improved Slice and Dice encourages you to keep your attack rate up, and bolstered by Blade Flurry you will have 56% more opportunities to hit.

Precision helps to ensure that these extra swings land, and hit harder with improved dual-wield. Adrenaline Rush provides a bit of an extra boost in times of trouble. Note also how Riposte generates an extra attack and in addition to disarming might trigger Mace or Sword Specialization?

For the assassination talents, Improved Eviscerate stacks nicely with Aggression from Combat, and Malice and Lethality are there to ensure that any attacks you make hit hard. Subtlety was not used because "beatdown" and "survive" are seldom used to benefit each other.

Focus on getting attack power gear, and any enchantments you can possibly find to increase attack speed. You should be able to get 1% more attack speed on your gloves, leggings, and helmet. 3% more attack speed is 3% more chance for Sword and Mace Specialization to activate, and should be combined with a Hand of Justice (which can spark both of these talents into action) and a Darkmoon Card: Maelstrom.

Enchant your weapons with Fiery Weapon and you will have a chance on hit to throw a fireball, lightning bolt, and either stun the opponent or get an additional melee attack. It all stacks up to one thing, severe pain for the receiving end.

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