The Elusive Combo Specialist Alternative Leveling Build

Purpose: To survive against all odds and turn the ability to avoid damage into an offensive weapon. In other words, this build translates your dodge chance into attacks.


Improved Eviscerate - rank 3/3 Malice - rank 5/5 Ruthlessness - rank 3/3 Relentless Strikes - rank 1/1 Lethality - rank 5/5


Lightning Reflexes - rank 5/5 Subtlety

Master of Deception - rank 5/5 Camouflage - rank 5/5 Elusiveness - rank 5/5 Initiative - rank 5/5 Ghostly Strike - rank 1/1 Improved Sap - rank 3/3 Preparation - rank 1/1 Setup - rank 3/3 Hemorrhage - rank 1/1

Leveling Progression:

10-14 Camouflage <or> Master of Deception

Game Guides Mastering the Rogue

15-19 Elusiveness 20 Ghostly Strike 21-25 Initiative 26-28 Improved Sap

29 Camouflage <or> Master of Deception

30 Preparation

31-34 Camouflage <or> Master of Deception 35 Hemorrhage 36-38 Setup

39-43 Lightning Reflexes 44-48 Malice 49-51 Ruthlessness 52-53 Improved Eviscerate 54 Relentless Strikes 55-59 Lethality 60 Improved Eviscerate

The goal of this build is to focus almost entirely on agility and +dodge equipment. When soloing, the better your dodge defenses, the more likely you are to earn free combo points. With various items including Vigilance Charms from Dire Maul West, it is possible for your rogue to get up to 35-40% dodge without having to join a raid.

If you have 40% dodge, then every 5th attack directed at your character results in an extra combo point added to your opponent. Hemorrhage has replaced Sinister Strike to generate combo points more quickly, and Improved Eviscerate was chosen in lieu of Improved Rupture to provide a direct damage option to finish off opponents.

Play style is one of hide and seek with this build. You lay in wait attempting to locate a defenseless or isolated opponent and then pounce. In PvP situations, or when monsters come clustered, Evasion and Ghostly Strike will add a nice 65% chance to dodge for a few seconds and help rack up those combo points to eliminate one opponent at least.

In case you get overwhelmed, Preperation and Elusiveness ensure you always have some escape mechanism up your long as you have the necessary Blinding or Flash Powders. Again, this build is not 100% weapon dependent, but you would like as long a swing time on your main hand as possible to take advantage of Hemorrhage.

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