There are a number of useful crafts in World of Warcraft, but which are best suited for the shaman? Since the shaman is a leather wearing class, leatherworking and skinning are natural choices for the shaman who wants the option to make their own armor. You might remember in the weapons and armor section that I said shaman have the option to upgrade to mail armor at level 40. So what happens to your leather craft skill when you hit 40 and want to upgrade to mail? A good question with a better answer: at higher levels, you can create mail armor with the leather crafting skill so all your hard work won't be wasted.

Shaman have access to healing and mana regenerating totems, so cooking isn't as important as it could be.

What weapon to use all comes down to what you find most appealing. Personally, I chose to use a mace because I liked the way it looked and wanted the extra protection of a shield for soloing. You don't need to only focus on one weapon type. You could max them all if you wanted to.

Mastering the World of Warcraft Shaman [Game Guides]

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Fishing can be used to get ingredients for cooking or to fish up interesting items. It's up to you if this sounds like something you want your shaman to get in to.

Although potions are always useful, a shaman wouldn't need them as badly as other classes might. Although, that said, alchemy is a powerful and sought after profession. Every class can use alchemy.

Blacksmithing is wasted on the shaman unless you're thinking of taking up the craft for fun or profit. Unless you're over level 40, you won't be able to use any of the armor you make. And even if you're 40 and over, the mail armor you do make with blacksmithing won't be any good for your level. Stay away from this one.

Tailoring is in the same boat as blacksmithing except in addition to cloth armor (which you can wear, but its defense is inferior to leather) you can make bags. Making bags for profit is a popular choice, but there is so much more in tailoring that you'd be missing out on. I wouldn't recommend this trade for shaman.

Engineering is a fun trade that has a large number of uses. You can create pets, bombs, distractions, and all sorts of other useful gadgets. Engineering is the one trade that is useful in some way to every class in World of Warcraft. If you're planning on learning engineering, you'll need to take up mining too.

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