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Now that you have the basics down for what a shaman is, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and what their base statistics mean, you can make an educated guess on what race would best suit your play style. Don't worry about making a wrong choice here. Every playable race in World of Warcraft makes a strong shaman. They do have their own strengths and weaknesses though, which are listed below.

There are three races that can play as a shaman (all Horde races of course): trolls, tauren, and orcs. Fortunately, the completely evil, ugly, and smelly undead have no interest in tree hugging cuddly earth spirits.



Trolls are the Jamaican-talking elf-looking green people you see around the Horde lands. Unlike nearly every other kind of troll in the World of Warcraft, these are "nice" trolls. By nice we mean they won't capture you, cook you up in brew, and eat your meaty bits.

.But those "other" trolls will.

In comparison to the other races that can play as a shaman, trolls are the weakest physically speaking (strength), but have the highest starting spirit.

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