Stamina is fairly one dimensional. The more you have the more health your character will accumulate. Like strength, stamina is naturally high in the horde races that can take on the shaman role. You shouldn't need to go out of your way to raise the statistic with items.

Shaman gain eight hit points for every point of stamina that they have. Intellect:

Your intellect is important for a few reasons. The biggest boon to having high intellect is a larger mana pool. Shaman typically have poor mana pools because the races that can play as them aren't the sharpest axes on the weapon rack, but having a high mana pool is crucial.

As a shaman, you'll always be battling with your mana supply and high intellect can certainly help in this regard. Intellect also increases your likelihood of landing a critical spell (either damaging or beneficial), allows you to advance your weapon skills faster, and is highly recommended.

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