Unlike most other dragons at their age, black dragons are nearly fearless, quite willing to die in a bloody frenzy in order to inflict as pain as they can on their targets. As such, they are incredibly dangerous, especially in groups;

and this is exactly how they like to fight. If encountered alone, a black whelp retreats to find more of its kind, then return to tear apart whatever has invaded their domain. They focus on the same target as the oldest dragon, killing enemies one by one. Whelps delight in using their breath weapons.

Breath Weapon (Su): 30-ft. cone, 4dl0 fire, Reflex DC 16 half. A black dragon exhales a massive jet of lava in an incinerating cone, reducing its targets to ash.

Spell-Like Abilities: 3/day—suggestion (DC 15); 2/ day—produce flame; 1/day—detect thoughts (DC 14), endure eleinents. Caster level 8th.

Skills: A black dragon gains a +4 racial bonus on Intimidate checks.

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The black dragon's murderous intent is clear from its posture even before you have a chance to look into its eyes. Massive yet sinuous, the dragon spreads its wings and roars in challenge, jaws snapping the air in anticipation. The midnight scales reflect the ambient light brightly, making the beast look even more nightmarish.

Your average black drake's goal in life is no less than to become Deathwing's right hand (or replacement) and thus to control the rest of the flight in conquering or destroying the natural world. Black dragon society is ruled by the powerful, and its "laws" are enforced by brute strength, cunning, and magical power.

By this age, a black drake has already proven itself to be a survivor; most blacks don't even make it to adulthood, with nearly every creature in the world, including its own kind, looking to take its head or its hide.

Black drakes speak Common and Draconic, and some speak other languages as well.


Black drakes use stratagem, and advantage they have to incapacitate kill their every dirty trick, every dirty trick,

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enemies as swiftly and easily as possible. If all else fails, they retreat, no doubt with a plan for vengeance already forming in their minds. When working with a group, they are as showy as possible, trying to assert their dominance and skill over the others, while in reality trying to expend their own energy as little as possible.

Drakes use their fiery breath as frequently as possible, but also use flight to their advantage, keeping a distance from opponents on the ground and making strafing flyby attacks. Those who train as spellcasters prefer offensive and manipulative spells, but most drake spellcasters also prepare a few spells intended to help them escape more quickly if all goes badly.

Breath Weapon (Su): 50-ft. cone, 12d10 fire, Reflex DC 29 half.

Spell-Like Abilities: 3/day—suggestion (DC 18); 2/ day—produce flame, shockwave (DC 18), fire blastf (DC 21); 1/day—detect thoughts (DC 17), endure elements. Caster level 24th.

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