Level Adjustment

Some monsters are suitable to become player characters; these monsters often have level adjustments. A monster has one of the following three descriptions in this entry:

—: The monster is unsuitable as a player character.

+ #: The monster has the indicated # as a level adjustment (see Chapter 4: Monsters as Characters, for more information). A value of +0 means the monster has no level adjustment and is suitable for play from level 1. The standard races presented in WoW RPG (humans, Ironforge dwarves, orcs, and the like) all have level adjustments of +0. A level adjustment of +1 or higher means the monster is more powerful than the standard races and needs a level adjustment as a way to balance its increased power with that of other player characters.

Use Racial Levels: Though the monster is more powerful than standard races, it uses racial levels to represent this fact (much like tauren, Forsaken, night elves, and other player character races with racial levels). The monster's racial levels are provided in its description; in this case, the monster whose statistics are presented as the standard is usually a lst-level member of the race with just 1 racial level. Monsters of this sort are thus suitable for play from level 1.

The text in this section provides general information about the monster for the GM, such as what it does, where it lives, what motivates it, its history, its mentality, its ecology, how tall it is, how much it weighs, what languages it speaks, and so forth.

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