Auction House Items

The best items to look for in the Auction House on an established server are the high-end ones that benefit PvP combat. This includes green items of level 54+. You should look out for any green gear with + Stamina and + another stat, which changes with armour class.

Cloth: +Intellect Leather: +Agility Mail: +Agility Plate: +Strength

An item that normal sells for about 2.5-4g base Auction House price (the price the game reccomends you set) can be sold for 3-4x that amount, because of the demand for gear with Stamina and another stat. You should list these items at 5g for leve 54-56, 7.5 for 56-57 and for 58+ items list them for 10g. Make the buyouts 1.5x or double the list price. These items generally sell quickly. If you see them listed at any less than 5g, buy them and list higher.

Blue items to look out for change from server to server, but generally, any weapon with high DpS is going to sell well, especially the 50+ items. Devout Bracers are ridiculously overpriced on my server, and if you see them for cheap, buy them and re-list. Most of the other end-game set items generally remain at a pretty static price, which falls quickly.

Pristine Black Diamonds also sell very well, and you may get lucky and get one listed cheaply, which you should buy and re-list. They can sell for over 200g now, because they are needed for Paladins to get their epic mounts.

It's a learning proccess to see what items sell well, and can vary greatly on different servers. Always keep an eye on the Auction House, and you can easily make plenty of cash.

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