Grinding Locations

Grinding (or repeatedly killing mobs over and over) is inarguably the fastest way to level in World of Warcraft. Shadow priests are very good grinders because we can kill mobs quickly, especially with Shadowform, and Spirit Tap helps limit downtime.

If you are going to grind, I'd suggest you take skinning and mining as your primary professions. This allows you greater options on the mobs you should kill, because leather can sell well, and many of the good grinding locations have mineral nodes close by.

Choose your mobs carefully when grinding. Casters are the best, especially if you have Silence. They generally have less hit points and die a lot faster. If they have the ability to heal, you can silence them.

Grinding generally isn't worth it below level 20, you can quest effectively at this point. It's actually quite difficult for priests to grind until about 35, and is still not as effective as questing. Level 35 is when many of the best talents start to kick in. At level 40, when Shadowform becomes available, kill speed really takes off, and things get a lot easier.You miss out on some good starting gear and basic game mechanic knowledge.

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