Healing and Threat

Healing threat is what gets priests killed. If you have a tank that can't hold agro effectively, you will end up attracting the mobs to you, and dying. A priest can take few hits before death.

Basically, healing threat is based on amount of hp healed. This means that a tank will have to do some damage to a mob to generate hate before you can heal them. For this reason, it is not a good idea to have a tank that is more than 2 levels below the highest level mob in an instance, because they will just miss far too much.

Healing vs damage equates to around 50% with the subtlety talent. What this means is that your tank will have to do around half as much damage as you heal to hold agro on a target.

Overhealing does not add additional threat. What this means is that if your target is at 50/100 health, and you heal for 1000 health, you have only created 50hp worth of threat. Your tank will have to do roughly 25 damage to maintain threat. (These are only example figures, obviously). Certain abilities like Sunder Armour (for the Warrior) create large amounts of threat. Try and get your tank to use these as often as possible.

Heal over time spells, like Renew (and First Aid if you choose to take it) create threat on each tick of health, not initial or at the end of the duration. This is generally a better way to heal, as it means a tank can create threat over a period of time.

Power Word: Shield, which is very mana inefficient but a great lifesaver, actually creates less threat for the caster than healing for an equal amount. It's roughly half as much threat to use Power Word Shield than an equivalent hp heal on a tank. This becomes even more effective when not specced with Silent Resolve. Contrary to what some people say, Power Word: Shield is applied after armour, so it's good to use on high hp classes, and it also does not affect Rage generation of warriors in any significant way. This means that it is a good idea to apply a shield before a big fight to act as a buffer.

Fade is rather complicated in the way it works. It appears to reduce a set amount of agro from the priest immediately. It should generally remove a mob from you from over-healing, unless you have a very poor tank and have been doing significant heals to more than one person. Threat from healing is still generated while fading. It doesn't appear to be reduced, either, which makes the usefulness of the Improved Fade talent questionable. If Fade does not remove a mob, it means you are in big trouble. The tank will have a hard time pulling the mob off, especially with your desperate efforts to stay alive. The best way is to just cast Power Word: Shield on yourself and hope the tank can do his job.

As long as you don't do anything right before Fade expires, you should not regain agro afterwards. That includes Renew. The first tick of Renew after fading can bring that big hitting mob straight back to you, so be careful how you use it, especially on your tank.

6.3.4. Instance List


Suggested Levels


Ragefire Chasm






Wailing Caverns



Shadowfang keep



Blackfathom Deeps



The Stockades



Razorfen Kraul





Dun Morogh

Scarlet Monastery


Trisfal Glades

Razorfen Downs












The Sunken Temple


Swamp of Sorrows

Blacrock Depths


Blackrock Mountain*

Blackrock Spire


Blackrock Mountain*



Eastern Plaguelands



Western Plaguelands

Dire Maul



Onyxia's Lair

60 (Raid)

Dustwallow Marsh

The Molten Core

60 (Raid

Blackrock Mountain*

*Blackrock Mountain has two entrances, one in Searing Gorge, the other in Burning Steppes.

|Upper Blackrock Spire generally requires a group of level 60s.

The suggested levels are generally for party members, not the actual priest. Usually a priest can get away with being a few levels below the recommended level.

All of the instances can be done 5 man bar a few. Upper Blackrock Spire is generally raided by groups of 15. Stratholme is 5-mannable, but you will see a lot of people doing ten man runs for loot, generally to Baron Rivendare. Dire Maul is the only instance with a 5 man cap. The others are limited to 10.

Onyxia's lair and the Molten Core are end-game raid instances. To access Onyxia, a lengthy quest series needs to be completed which grants the Drakefire Amulet, the key to her lair. Access to the Molten Core requires the clearing of Blackrock Depths the entering the Molten Core and retrieving a quest item. After that, you can just jump through the window next to the quest giver to access the instance.

The best instances to do are The Scarlet Monastery, Maruadon, and the Sunken Temple, and of course the level 60 ones. Zul'Farrak can be extremely difficult in parts, and also has many bugs associated with it. It's generally pretty annoying, but the staircase section is quite fun the first time. Uldaman is also long and at times annoying, but is worth doing once, for your first taste of what it's like to have to strategize against a boss. Maraudon is un and rewarding, and you can run the Princess (the end boss) once you have completed a quest in pretty quick time. The Sunken Temple is a well built instance that has many interesting encounters. It's fun to do it a couple of times.

All of the end game instances are worthwhile for loot alone. You can get your Devout set pieces there, and there are also some good quest rewards.

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