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Most of your instance groups as you level to 60 will be what are known as pickup groups, with people who advertise on the general or looking for group channel. These groups will often be comprised of jerks, newbies and morons. They will also often have a less than desirable class makeup. If you get in a bad group with one of the above, bail out as soon as you can. You are better off trying to find a new group, and generally it's pretty easy as a priest.

During most of the game, Greater Heal can be used as your primary heal on tanks. The monsters in the non end game instances generally don't hit hard or fast enough to facilitate the need to use Flash Heal. Renew is also a fantastic heal to use in these situations on both your main tank or any other party members who take AoE damage during a fight, or if the tank loses agro momentarily to another party member.

Using Greater Heal requires some timing and some trust from your tank. The advantage in using Greater Heal over Flash Heal is mana efficiency. To use it effectively, it's best to wait till your tank is at about 60% of their maximum health. You can then start to cast Greater Heal. By the time casting is finished, your tank should be at about 50%. The heal should then return him to full. Play around with the numbers a little, but that is a general rule.

Prayer of Healing is another important spell for any priest. Priests are the best primary healers for group play because of this spell. It costs a bucketload of mana, however, and should not be used in every situation. If a mage or rogue gets agro and takes a small amount of mana, and then the tank regains agro, you should not use Prayer of Healing. When fighting a boss with big AoE damage attacks, like the Maraudon Princess for example, Prayer of Healing should be used. The general breakpoint for Prayer of Healing is 3 people to full health. If there are less than three people who are going to be fully healed by the spell, it's better to use Flash Heal. It's also important to know that Prayer of Healing creates a significant amount of threat because of the amount of health healed. This is a good spell to use in combination with Inner Focus if you have that talent.

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