Healing Focus

Rank 2/2

Gives you a 70% chance to avoid interuption caused by damage while casting any healing spell.

This is an end-game build designed around PvP. This is just a sample build - there are a few options to consider when deciding on the final placement of your 51 talent points. What this build has is Blackout over Spirit Tap. This is due to the strength of stuns in PvP situations. Stuns can change the tide of battle. Blackout is a fairly reliable source, and statistically if you cast 10 damage spells in a fight (which you should) then Blackout should trigger. It is much more useful for dueling than Spirit Tap. Shadowform is taken, with it's 15% damage reduction proving useful against heavy damage dealers like Rogues and Warriors. Vampiric Embrace, especially if you take the improvement talent, is also an effective way to deal with these classes.

One of the main choices to be made here is between Shadow Focus and Improved Mind Blast. Without taking Shadowform, one of the above talents should drop one point. For the purposes of this build I chose to drop a point from Improved Mind Blast, over Shadow Focus, due to the fact that I feel that Shadow Resistance potions and items will soon become prevalent, and the reduced risk chance makes dueling well-equipped foes much easier. The reduce cooldown of Mind Blast does little if it is being resisted often. I chose to max Improved Mana Burn because it is the only way to duel another priest. Priest vs priest battles will always result in mana standoffs, who can live burn the other's mana first. A priest specced in Discipline with Mental Strength and Improved Mana Burn will always beat a priest without. With Improved Mana Burn, you will have an edge over others who chose to spend an extra 2 points in the Shadow Tree.

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