Holy Reach

Increases the range of your Smite and Holy Fire spells and the radius of your Prayer of Healing and Holy Nova spells by 20%.

I called this build the Discipline Burst Damage build because that is what it is exceptional at doing - provided you have the gear to back it up. It is an excellent PvP build for a battle-healer play style. It is more versatile than the shadow heavy build because you can heal at any time, and is more team oriented with the inclusion of Power Infusion, which can be cast on your team's mages and warlocks for some huge burst damage. It is also helpful solo, especially when combined with items like the Zandalian Hero Charm for huge crits. With this build, Smite and Holy Fire will be your spells of choice, with their reduced

Holy damage to all 10 yards for 52-61.

casting time and increased damage through talents. You will also have better than average healing ability with this build, meaning it is a viable option if you are raiding endgame and still need to be able to play solo. Additionally, this is my favoured build because it is fun!

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