Honour Kills and Contribution Points

As of the recently released patch, successful kills of opposition players will yield honour, which in turn gains you ranks and allows access to new items. This system, while accessible to all, mainly benefits level 60 characters, and as such, this section is designed with those who have achieved maximum level in mind.

Honour kills are gained through killing anyone that would normally yield experience (if they were a mob). At level 60 this is any character above level 48. Anything below this level does not yield an honour kill.

Contribution points are how you gain ranks and access the items these ranks afford. Contribution points are based on damage dealt. The more % damage you do to a target, the more points you get. The best way to do this is solo, of course, because you will get the full amount of Contribution points (which is 166 points for the lowest rank level 60 character. The higher level a person is up the PvP ranking system, the more points they will give.) Shadow priests make excellent solo PvPers.

To effectively solo, choose an area where there are a number of opposition characters, but none to close together that may join a 1v1 battle. Grinding locations for 50+ characters are good, such as the Plaguelands or Azshara (for the gold farmers). Another tactic in contested zones without towns (Eastern Plaguelands, for example), is to camp near the Gryphon/Windrider master and kill opposing players as the exit the flight. A little cheap, but definitely effective.

Another tactic if you don't like the threat of solo killing is to head to Hilsbrad Foothills. There are constant back and forth battles between Horde and Alliance there, and it's quite easy to rack up a large number of kills. However, in these situations the contributions from your kills tend to be lower. Instead of using Shadow Word: Pain in these situations, it's better to stick to Mind Blast and Smite, because they do direct damage and can't be dispelled. Starshards, for Night Elft Priests is actually quite useful in this situation, because it has a 30yd range (longer than Mind Flay) and the channeling can continue on targets who go out of range.

The Hillsbrad battles are generally good because if you play carefully you won't die, and you can get a large number of HK's. The contribution points aren't as good, but if you can manage to pick off some stragglers solo, its quite respectable.

However, if you are on a server with a population imbalance that favours the opposition, it's probably better off staying away from Hillsbrad, as you will get swamped, and find it difficult to get kills.

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