Improved Vampiric Embrace

Increases the percentage healed by Vampiric Embrace by an additional 10%

I added this build as an alternative to the two-tier builds that most priests utilise. The purpose of this build is maximising survivability - outlast your opponents and bring them down with Shadow Word: Pain. Vampiric Embrace is an important part of this, which is why Improved Vampiric Embrace is taken. Silence is also essential for survivability, and the improved cooldown on Psychich Scream should help you live longer.

In the Discipline tree, all the talents which improve life or healing ability were taken. The improvement to Power Word: Shield, while not huge, can make the difference between life and death. Martyrdom is an excellent survival skill, and will help a lot against rogues and warriors, two classes who have high crit rates and who often trouble priests.

In the Holy tree, Healing Focus is taken (of course) as it is simply one of the best bang-for-buck talents available. Renew is an important element in surviving, so any talent that improves it is worth it. Spell Warding will help against mages and warlocks, particularly those with trinkets that boost damage, and may allow you to survive the initial onslaught. Blessed Recovery, while not an excellent talent and still quite buggy, is nevertheless taken, as it can help against high criting melee classes.

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