These levels are where things either get really easy and fun or really hard depending on your spec. You should grind from about 36 onwards on humanoid mobs that drop cloth -this will help you get your mount at level 40, a nice bonus that everyone strives for. The easiest way to do this is with a heavy shadow spec.

At this stage, you should have invested 10 points into the Discipline tree if you are on a PvP server. This well help when you are being ganked. This will happen a lot, but thankfully, priests are the most immune to ganking of any class. As long as your fear is not resisted you should be ok (this doesn't work against Undead Rogues who have fear immunity in the form of Will of the Forsaken). Just fear and run in the opposite direction. Hide behind some trees if you have to. Night Elf priests are the most fortunate - they get Shadowmeld. If someone is repeatedly ganking you, move on to a new location. Another point to consider when grinding, particularly in areas heavily populated with the opposing is to stick near a graveyard. This will make any trips after death significantly shorter.

It is during these levels that you gain access to the best talents any of the three trees have to offer. At level 40, assuming you put all points into shadow, you will gain access to

Shadowform, which increases shadow damage by 15% and reduces melee damage by 15%. This is the best soloing talent for any class in the game. Use it when soloing, because you wont get much use out of it any where else.

You should mow down mobs with high speed and efficiency. Average kill time should be between 20 and 30 seconds, and if you wait the entire duration of spirit tap, you should only have to drink every 5 or so kills. Allowing time for drinking, that's roughly 70 kills an hour, which is very high. And these are conservative estimates. If you get the maximum water available to you, and drink in readily rather than sparingly, things can go significantly faster than that.

The fastest way to level is grinding, bar none. If you want to get to 60 in the fastest possible time, quest to around level 35, and grind from there out. It just makes sense mathematically. You may get 5000 experience from finishing a quest, but when you can kill 10 mobs for the same experience, questing starts to look less attractive. You can kill mobs much faster than you can complete most quests. The exception to this rule are collection and kill x of x monster quests. These can be done while grinding. It's a good idea to collect a bunch of these when you enter a new area, and only hand them in when you are ready to log.

The best mobs to grind a generally casters, because they have lower hitpoints and will die faster. If you get healing mobs, be sure to use Silence before they cast their heal. Also, some mobs have a Renew-type spell, so always dispel this.

For any non-shadow Priests, these levels just plain suck unless you are constantly grouped. I suggest that you don't try and grind unless you absolutely have to. You should have no problems getting into instance groups in any case. You can stay in SM till the low 40's at which point you should be able to get into Uldaman groups. After Uldaman, do Zul'furrak, then Maraudon. Sunken Temple can take you up to about 55, at which point you will get less experience. From there you can try and get into Blackrock Depths groups. This is much easier if you have a good guild behind you that are willing to accept a priest below level 60.

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