Stranglethorn Vale, south of Duskwood is the place to be for the majority of these levels. There are a wide variety of mobs and levels to accommodate everyone.

The quests in the hunter's camp at Nessingwary's Expedition are really good to get. You can pick up a bunch of quests there and do them in succession. They are simple quests which require you to kill x number of Raptors, Panthers and Tigers.

It's also good to buy/collect the pages of the Green Hills of Strangelthorn book (the quest is given in the Hunter's camp also). It gives a ton of exp and is very easy to complete. You can grind the trolls around Strangelthorn for pages - they also drop silver and cloth, and are quite easy to kill. You should keep any pages that you don't need, as you can generally sell them to other players, which is a good way to supplement your income.

This is a contested area, and a heavily contested one at that. You will probably get ganked a few times if you are on a PvP server, and there is no avoiding that. Generally though, priests are pretty resistant to gankings, as we have Psychic Scream, Power Word: Shield, and heals. You should immediately fear if a member of the opposite faction is attacking you, and then Shield. If you know you can't beat them, run, heal, and hide. If you are going to die, you should make sure that you are killed by them rather than a mob, as this will prevent durability loss to your items.

At around level 35 you will want to switch from questing to grinding. It serves two purposes: you should be able to get your mount at 40, and you will get faster exp doing it. There are a bunch of humanoid mobs around that drop cloth and coins, and also often drop green items. The mobs in the Kurzen camp are easy to kill, although the medics have a heal, so be prepared to silence when they get low. The Venture co Geologistsa are the best mobs to grind in the game, just about. They drop silver, cloth, and lots of grey items that sell well. They are level 36, and at around level 37 you should start grinding these mobs, until you have enough cash for your mount.

In your late 30's go to the Hilsbrad foothills and pick up a few quests for there. They are easy, and there are two good grinding spots. The Murlocs below Southshore are good for the Alliance, while the Naga nearby are good for both. Turtles also drop some grey items that vendor well, and can be skinned. The ogres to the north are also easy to kill and drop silver and cloth.

You shouldn't be buying any gear at all in these levels. Having enough cash for a mount should be a priority, as mounts make life a lot easier for a priest. We have no speed increase other than this. You may have to skip some skills in order to be able to afford it. My suggestion, in this case, would be to pickup any damage skills that you can, and skip the rest until you are able to afford them. You should also ask any mages in the area or in you guild to conjure some water for you. This is the best way to save money.

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