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Mind Control is a fun and useful spell in certain situations. In PvE situations, it can be used to eliminate 1 or two mobs from linked groups, allowing for easier killing. When Mind Controlling NPC characters, you gain access to all of their abilities. This can be used to great effect when you have another healer in the group. By using Mind Control in an instance, you can eliminate 1 mob from a group. However, when Mind Control breaks, be aware that agro will go to you, and virtually nothing can remove agro. You need to have a good group or be significantly higher than the mobs for this to be an effective strategy.

In PvP this spell can be used in a number of ways. If you DoT an opponent before Mind Controlling them, they will take damage from your spell while being under your control. You can also use this to flee, by running an enemy as far away as possible from you, and then running in the opposite direction. Mind Control can also be used to kill players and NPCs through the environment. For example, you can throw enemies off the Great Lift in the Barrens to a guaranteed death. In PvP situations Mind Control rarely lasts more than 15 seconds, and is subject to diminishing returns.

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