PvP Strategies

The strategies below assume a player at level 60 with all talent points assigned. You can certainly PvP effectively below this level, but often will have higher level players kill you.

PvP as a priest is all about not letting the opponent hit you. While we have strong heals, cloth armour makes us very fragile, especially against melee classes. You don't want someone to be attacking you without a shield and/or renew up. You need to use Flash Heal if you start to lose health, because certain abilities can take away big chunks of damage before you can heal them.

Against all classes Psychic Scream is your most powerful weapon. This skill is one of the strongest PvP skills, and is the most often complained about skill for our class. If it doesn't break on damage, you have 8 free seconds to attack/heal/run. Use it as soon as you can, so if the fight goes long, it will have cooled down before the end. 26 seconds is all you need to survive for the cooldown to refresh.

The main bulk of your damage vs most classes will come from Shadow Word: Pain. Make sure this is on at all times. It does great damage, is instant cast (so can be cast on the run) and is mana efficient, especially considering the Mental Agility talent. Mind Blast should be your nuke of choice. Cast it as often as the cooldown allows. Mind Flay can be used in limited situations, for example when someone is fleeing due to being feared (Psychic Scream) or when they are heading towards you. At other times, it's not as useful, as channeled spells are easily interrupted.

Silence is also a powerful spell against many classes. The key to beating many good players is the prop timing of Silence. If you miss-time it, or use it to early, it is wasted. It's best to use towards the end of a long-casting spell, so the opponent wastes time casting and then has to wait a further 5 seconds to cast again. Each class requires a different moment to cast Silence, more on that below.

Another important point about PvP is to ensure to keep some distance between yourself and your opponent (this is mainly for melee classes. For casters and Hunters, strategies are different). Start off the fight at the 35 yard range to cast Shadow Word: Pain and Mind Blast. As they are charging towards you, use Mind Flay. Once they hit you, fear them, and then use Mind Flay again. It's then best to reposition yourself to be at maximum distance again. You can often beat people without them ever touching you.

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