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These levels are the hardest for any priest. Your spells do poor damage, take loads of mana, and are generally ineffective. Make sure you don't venture out of your starting area before about level 12. Grind on lower level mobs if you have to. You will have a much easier time of it if you do.

The key in these levels is picking your fights. Don't try and solo mobs more than 1 level above you unless you only need 1 for a quest. It will just slow you down and cause you significant problems if you get an add. If this is your first character, loot everything you find and sell whatever you don't use. You will need the money for spells. You should also make sure you get your new spells as soon as they are available. Always carry a stack of drinks with you as you will be drinking often.

You will want to train in wands, daggers and staves as soon as possible. This is going to cost you 30s, so save up for that. There is always the chance that you will find new gear to improve your damage, so it's best to be able to use it when it becomes available.

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