Talent Builds

Because two of the three talent trees are entirely opposing (Shadow and Holy), the priest has very little in the form of diversity. There are 2 functions required of the priest: healing your party members, and killing things in solo play. There are also 1 talent tree devoted to each aspect, meaning you will have to choose one tree that suits your play style better.

Fortunately in the World of Warcraft respeccing your talents is available. However, it costs a fee, which increases every time. It is best to know exactly what you want your end game talents to look like before you start allocating them. In this fashion, all the following talent trees are based around level 60 characters.

I would recommend that everyone focus on the Shadow tree until at least level 50. There is absolutely no reason not to. You do not need the extra healing power afforded by the Holy line until the most difficult instances, which all occur at level 60. The only advantage a Holy-specced priest has in leveling over a Shadow priest is the ability to do instances at a lower level than would be the norm.

I would also suggest every priest max Spirit Tap as soon as possible. This will make soloing a lot less of a chore. The majority of the game is solo-able, and most players spend the majority of their time out of groups in the early stages. Spirit Tap doubles your mana regen after a battle, reducing downtime significantly.

Another talent I feel is essential for very priest is Improved Power Word: Shield. This makes soloing, healing, and PvP much easier. It really is one of the best talents available.

After that, the rest is up to you. Decide what you want to do with your priest, and go with it.

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