Before you fight, make sure you have Shadow Protection up, as Warlocks have a number of shadow Spells.

Like priests, Fear is the main weapon available to warlocks. However, they don't really have the capacity to outright kill a priest in the time their Fear lasts. They will do significant damage to you, but once it's over, you can heal yourself.

If they do crit with Shadowbolt and you are low on health after the first fear, it's a good idea to use Silence as soon as you can. This will allow you to heal and dispel Corruption and Immolate, if they have used them. You should also use this time to run to where they are and use Fear on them.

Whether you are able to defeat a warlock 1 on 1 will depend on which pet he has out and how he is specced. If you can ambush him with any pet other than his Felhunter out, you should have a good chance of causing some damage. Felhunters, especially on a Soul Link Warlock, are a priest's worst nightmare. They will have massive resists, be able to remove your buffs (or debuffs such as Shadow Word: Pain), and have the ability to Silence you with Spell Lock. Do not try to kill the Felhunter, as it has even higher resists and most of your spells will fail. If you are a Smite build, then you should have an easier time against Felhunter Warlocks, as they do not provide protection from Holy spells.

If the warlock has a succubus out, it is likely he is a nuker, and you should be careful because he will chain mez you and blast you before you have a chance to react. If you can fear before he Seduces, then you have won the battle, because his hitpoints will be vastly lower than his Soul Link counterpart, and his survivability will be impaired because of his gear choices.

A voidwalker means sacrifice, which is a damage shield similar to Power Word: Shield. Often a Warlock with a Voidwalker out will be able to summon another through talents almost instantly, so you have to be wary that they have another shield.

If a warlock has an imp out, you should laugh and kill him quickly. Although an Imp that is boosted by Black Book can output a fair bit of damage, you should be able to survive through it and kill the Warlock with mana to spare.

Focus all your damage on the Warlock, always have him DoTed, and use Mind Blast whenever you can. Warlocks generally have high HP, so they can take a while to bring down, but as long as you keep your self Shielded and use Flash Heal when you need to you should come out on top.

The warlock's Felhunter pet is designed to take out casters, and as such is a very difficult battle for a priest to fight. The strategy remains the same though - try and bring them down before your mana runs out. Try and time you fears to hit both the pet and the warlock.

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