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This online course from professional hypnotist Dr. Steve Jones gives you a way to help your patients access their past lives. This service has become more and more in-demand as a form of therapy as the years go by. This skill has a constantly-growing demand that must be met Get your certification with this online course and be on the cutting-edge of amazing therapeutic techniques! You will learn how to bring powerful, life-changing emotions out of your patients and help them to be the well-adjusted people they are meant to be without all of the problems that usually plague people whose emotions are out of whack. You will learn all of the effective strategies that help people uncover their past emotions and gain the life that they really, truly want. Get your certification to help people today! You won't regret getting this excellent, professional course. Read more...

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This skill unique to Shamans requires a reagent to be used. Reincarnation finds uses both in PVE and PVP. In PVE this skill can be used to cut down travel time to recover their corpse or alternately can be used to recover from a total party kill in an Instance. In conjunction with Ancestral Spirit, the Shaman can help bring back a party to life at the area where they died. Removing the difficulty of having to fight back to the point where the party died. In PVP this skill can be used to allow the Shaman to return to life much faster (almost instantly) than without it. This means that if the enemy is now concentrating on new targets that the Shaman can return to life and heal him her-self and return to the fray or return to safety as needed. Note This skill can only be used once per hour (more frequently with the talent Improved Reincarnation).

Celestial or of Souls

Power This device captures the fleeing soul of any creature slain within 60 feet of its owner. These souls remain within the swirling prison of the orb for 1 minute before moving on to their afterlife. During that period, the orb's owner may, with a single word, bring that creature back to life through any of the following means reincarnation (1 charge), raise dead (2 charges), resurrection (3 charges), or true resurrection (4 charges). The orb has 10 charges when they are all expended, the colors within become drab and lifeless, although it still retains its physical strength. The orb regenerates 1 charge every day at sunrise as long as it is exposed to sunlight as the sun comes up (even on a cloudy day). In addition, instead of returning a captured soul to life, the bearer may burn it away, destroying it. The orb gains 1 charge for each 10 HD of the destroyed soul. Burning a soul in this fashion is an evil action. Destroyed souls cannot be returned to life by mortal means.

The Restoration Talent Tree Tier

Improved Reincarnation 2 2 - Decreases the Cooldown of your Reincarnation ability by 20 minutes. Reincarnation is a helpful ability in Instances especially when a Total Party Kill occurs. But if a Total Party Kill occurs more than once, the party may not be up to par as far as using their skills correctly or being the appropriate level for the instance. Ideally a Total Party Kill should never occur in an instance if everyone is fulfilling their role and is of the appropriate level so investing points in this talent is only for those who are very unsure of their parties abilities. Not entirely the best investment in this tree.

Ancestral Spirit

Other classes will love you for this spell. The ability to resurrect makes the Shaman a beloved member of any party. In PVE this skills finds most of its use in Instances or Dungeons. If things work out correctly all members of the party should never die. However, things don't always go according to plan. When things go awry this skill helps keep everyone moving if anyone dies. It's also important to note that after level 30 this skill will be used in conjunction with another. If everyone dies in the party, the Reincarnation skill will allow the Shaman to resurrect him her-self, then work on resurrecting other healer types to help bring back everyone to fighting capacity. In PVP

Blazing Elemental

Consume (Su) A fiery destroyer that kills an opponent with its slam attack or fire damage burns the creature utterly until nothing remains but ash. The resulting ash still provides enough of a focus for a resurrection spell, but the victim cannot be returned to life by any lesser method, including raise dead and reincarnation.

Past Life Regression And Reincarnation

Past Life Regression And Reincarnation

Do You Believe That This Life Are The Effect Of Your Past Life? Understand Reincarnation And How This Life Can Affect Your Condition In Your Next Life.

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