Priests in World of Warcraft are not like other MMO Priests, they can indeed solo. The biggest problem with the Priest is that to be truly effective, you have to either be geared towards group play or solo.

Priests are very repetitious. When soloing, priests don't kill quickly. When in groups, being a Priest revolves mainly about choosing who to heal and when. If that's your thing, go for it. If you lose interest in things easily, then the priest really isn't for you.

Priests are the best healers and one of the best buffers in the game, everyone loves grouping with the Priest, so if you're in the game for the social aspects, this is most definitely the class you should be in.

Priests get very very hard around level 10 and 11. Don't give up! Once you hit level 12, the world starts to look a lot sunnier. Once you hit level 20, you become a solo machine (relatively).

Spirit is the best stat for the Priest, which makes humans an ideal choice. Spirit allows for regeneration of mana and health at a faster pace. Mages can make their own drinks while Warlocks rarely ever need them. Priests however find that their mana is often low and buying drinks can be expensive. Go for a focus on spirit and pick up int items only if they are much better.

Groupability 10

Everyone wants a Priest in their group. Priests are bar-none the best healers in the game. If you like to group with others but aren't good at asking, just be a Priest and check off the little box that says you are looking for a group, others will find you.

Fun Factor 4

Many Priests feel like they just do the same actions over and over. One particularly interesting phenomenon is that Priest-players all tend to have different spell-orders. Play around and see what's best for you.

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