Warriors are the backbone of any group. Warriors are the best class for getting and holding aggro in the game. Warrior, regardless of the build, cannot deal more damage than a Rogue or Wizard.

Warriors need the latest cutting edge equipment. Because of this, Warriors have trouble saving up for their level 40 mount. Without the latest equipment, Warriors tend to lag behind and die. Both damage received and damage dealt is based on equipment. If you aren't up to date, then you're falling behind.

Warriors are very simple to play, their rage meter depends on their battle stance. There is no one right stance, but each stance is geared towards a type of gameplay.

Battle Stance

The battle stance is for players who want to deal damage, but don't like the drawbacks of being in Berserker stance.

Defensive Stance

Defensive Stance is really only good in group situations. This stance allows you to absorb the most damage, but

is fairly useless for solo play since it limits some of the best damage-dealing spells in the game. This optimizes healing spells as well, where a cloth armor type may take 20 damage a hit, a defense Warrior might only take 5.

Berserker Stance

Berserkers are the favorite stance of most solo gamers. This stance gets the job done, and fast.

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