Being Cheap

Last but not least ... the amount you own not only depends on what you earn, but also on what you spend. Make sure something you purchase has a real added value. Being thrifty can save you a lot of money. When you aren't playing as a warrior/paladin, this can really be wonderful. A lot of new players will want to buy their mages/priests/warlocks the latest equipment when, in reality, they really don't need to. Unlike other classes, casters don't rely on equipment like other classes do, they don't need weapons since their damage is from spells (and not based on weapon) and they are rarely attacked directly. If you are a caster, save your cash and just rely on what drops, you make yourself, or you get from quests.

Mail classes have the problem of needing to be on the cutting edge of equipment. The latest armor and weapons are constantly needed and often what you can make is much lower than your level. You really can't be cheap if you wear mail armors, just skip a few levels.

Always buy from the auction house when you buy, beyond the newbie zone, items from the auction house tend to be more bang for your buck, so always shop from there. Never buy for the buyout price unless it's very close to the auction price. Let someone else pay a large fee for the item if they really want it.

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