Combat in World of Warcraft is fairly simple. But first you must understand the enemy types. When you click an enemy, you can view their type above the inventory bags. Yellow enemies will only attack you if you attack them or open treasure chests near them, red enemies will attack you if you enter their radius.

The radius of a red enemy depends on your level, the lower level you are, the higher radius an enemy has. There are many types of red enemies as well, some will, when reduced to low hitpoints, run and get their friends to attack you as well. Other will keep on swinging or using special abilities.

To engage an enemy, hit the attack button on the action bar. You can also attack an enemy by getting within range of a spell or special attack and using it on them. Be aware that most enemies not in the newbie zone will attack in packs if you attack them when they are too close to others of their kind.

Combat is straightforward; drain their hitpoints before they drain yours. Most classes can "solo" (kill without being in a group) enemies one or two levels above them. When you click on an enemy, its portrait will appear next to yours with a level number. If the level number is grey, green, yellow, or orange, you should be able to attack it with little problem. Grey enemies yield no experience, green ones give about 50-90% experience (depending on level), and all others gi/ve 100%.

Beware of monsters marked "elite" these creatures need a group of at least three at equal level to take down. Elite monsters tend to drop better equipment, but are harder to take down.

There are also unique monsters which drop really good items scattered in rare places around the world. These monsters always drop at least one good piece of equipment, but these creatures only spawn once every eight to twenty-four hours. It should be noted that almost any item these creatures drop can be found on any monster, but these unique creatures always drop them.

There are two types of "realms" or servers, PvP and PvE. PvP servers are servers where players of the alliance factions (Dwarf, Gnome, Human, Night Elf) can fight with members of other factions in particular zones. In the case of PvE servers, players can only fight with other players of other factions in arenas.

Dueling is an option which allows you to mock-fight with other players. Select another player and right click their portrait when it appears next to yours, then select the duel option. A battle flag should appear on the ground. If the other player agrees, you duke it out. There is no death in dueling, the loser is just reduced to 1 hitpoint.

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