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Experience in World of Warcraft is the measure by which your character attains a new level. Every time you kill an enemy whose level is close to yours, you gain experience. Experience also comes in the form of quests or discovering new regions. Experience is gauged above your action, menu, and inventory bars as twenty bubbles, as the bubbles fill, you gain more experience. Rest is represented by a small bar on the bubble gauge. When you reach that bar, you are no longer considered to be in a rested state and gain experience at a normal pace. You can see your experience and experience needed to attain a new level if you hover over the gauge.

When all twenty bubbles are completely filled, you attain a new level. As in other games, levels allow you to equip better items and make you more powerful. When you gain a new level, you should equip all items you've been saving for that level, invest your new talent point (after level 10) and buy new spells if you hit an even-numbered level.

The best way to gauge how much you should spend on equipment and how much you should spend on new spells is simple. You can usually save one level's worth of currency on items, and the other on new spells. There are exceptions which could vary your results including play style. This general formula is a good rough guideline. The only exception is the levels in intervals of ten (ie. Level 10, 20, 30, ect). These levels contain spells you are really going to want to have, for most classes there will be a lot of spells you'll want at these levels. So you may need to save two levels worth of currency before reaching that level.

So spend levels that end in 0, 2, 4, 6 on equipment or savings and the rest into skills. Whatever you have left over from skills should be saved for a mount, but we'll get into that later.

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