The best way to play World of Warcraft is grouping with other people. While soloing World of Warcraft is much more feasible than most any other MMORPG, the game is geared towards group questing. While true experience is lower per-kill, you tend to kill more enemies in groups, especially in the group zones.

Two players can often take down an elite monster if very careful, but three players tends to be the optimal combination. A tank, a healer, and any other character tend to combine the best together, whereas four and five players tends to be overkill in most instances.

The only exception comes in the form of instance quests. When you intend to complete an instance which has a level equal to yours, you may want to recruit an extra player or two, especially in the early group zones such as the Deadmines and Wailing Caverns.

The best way to find a group is to be in a large guild. Younger guilds tend to recruit anyone where as other guilds may be more exclusive and only recruit you if you play with one of their members or fulfill some other requirement.

The next best way is who type "/join general" then type, "LFG (name) level". If you need another healer, also request a healer or whatever type of player you need.

If you tend to be a solo person, but don't want to be, open up the social menu by hitting "O" and clicking the box that says, "I would like to join a group."

The leader of a group (indicated with a little crown) can set the "looting type". Items or "loot" can be distributed to members of the group in several ways:

Round Robin

The most common group type. Each player takes a turn

at looting a corpse. If there were three players, Fred, Jan,

and Rev, Fred would get to loot the first monster and take

his materials, Jan would take the second corpse, and Rev

would take the third.

Master Looter

This is a rare looting type. The leader of the group decides which character gets each item. Ideal for guilds or large groups who trust eachother.


A handy looting system. This allows you to set which system is used for each item type. If a group set the threshold at blue items, blue items and everything above would be handled round-robin style.

Group Loot

Items above the threshold are rolled for, the highest roller keeps the item.

Need Before Greed

Same as group loot except the players that cannot equip the item automatically pass the roll and cannot get the item. Ideal for groups of strangers in a group zone.

Free For All

Anyone can loot anything.

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