Humans Levels

Now, you're going to want to talk to the first guard you talked to when you entered the game. He'll have you clean up some defies thieves to the east. Turn that quest in when you collect enough of their bandanas and he'll give you a new quest to kill the leader of the thieves and ask you to talk to a woman (directly north of him past graveyard) who will have you pick berry baskets located around the thieves.

Next head south to Goldshire. There are three quests you'll want to pick up since they all relate to the same area. The first you get from the knight in the middle of Goldshire. The second is in the inn. The third is given by a merchant in the South part of Goldshire. Head south to the fargodeep mine, located in between two farms. Collect the gold dust and candles from the kobalds in the mine while exploring.

Once you have completed these missions, head to the east farm and pick up the quest from the woman in the house. Now head to the west farm and get the two quests from the women and head to the west bank, talk to the man their, then the granny. Head back up north to Goldshire and turn in the mine quests. Make sure to pick up the invisibility potion quest within the inn. Now head east to the lake, kill murlocs to get the frond, return it to get the potion and head back to the east farm. Give the potion to the girl in the house, then talk to Billy next to the barn. Kill enough swine in the farm's yard or outside to get the boar meat you need. Head to the west farm to have it cooked, then back to Billy who will tell you he lost the heirloom.

Go back into fargodeep mine and head to the back, where the top and bottom section meet, this is where goldtooth spawns. Kill him and turn in the quest. Head back to Goldshire and pick up the jangolode and murloc quests. Head east until you reach the end of the lake, then turn north and explore jangolode. Head back to Goldshire to turn in the quests.

Talk to the guy in the inn and he'll give you a quest to go to Stormwind. Head into Stormwind (west of the starting area). The apothecary is on the left hand side, turn in the quest. Outside of the apothecary is a man who will give you a wine advertisement, take it. Head into the armor shop in the middle-right of the trade district and pick up the thread quest. Both the thread shop and wine shop are on the trade district side of the canal. Turn them in. Now is a good time to take two professions. Ask a guard where your profession trainer is.

Now head east even further til you reach a bridge. Talk to the guard their and pick up his two missions. Now head east past the river and enter eastvale. In Eastvale you can pick up a quest to kill defias and another to collect wood. Run along the left side of the river you just crossed until you get to a shield and chunk of flesh, inspect it. Now, head to the island within the lake. Kill the defias thieves here. These are the best experience creatures from level 7-11, so if you're a grinder, here's the place. Their drops are not bad either. Grind these at least until they drop a "Westfall Deed".

Get the bandanas and then head to the east side of the river where all the murloc camps are. The second guard's body is in the middle of this large camp, it's best to approach from the water if you are a puller, or from the south if you have no ranged abilities. Inspect the body and turn in the defias and murloc quests. Head back to Goldshire and turn in the quest, then head back to the bridge. You will now see that the guard has a new quest (which most miss) to kill murlocs. Kill bears, murlocs, prowlers, and collect wood under trees in this area and turn the quests into the guard.

Head back to Goldshire and there should be a new quest to Westbrook. Head west until you reach a garrison. Read the wanted sign to kill Hogger, start asking if anyone wants to join you. Talk to the guard in front of the garrison to get the gnoll-killing quest. Kill gnolls (and Hogger if you have a group).

Now keep grinding gnolls until one drops a "Gold Collectors Pickup Schedule". Read it. Go to Goldshire to start the quest. Now head due east from where you killed hogger, past the farms, past everything. Eventually (very long run) you will reach a farm with a pumpkin patch. Kill the boar named princess. In the farmhouse you will see the collector. If you got the pickup quest, kill him for the quest and get his ring. Turn in the quests and pick up a delivery mission in the forge (follow it to Stormwind) and you're done with Elwynn.

Take the Deeprun Tram to Ironforge. Here you're going to want to exit and head west. Along the Western route, keep your eyes to the North where you will see a ranch. You'll need at least two for this mission. Go into the ranch and talk with the farmer who will give you a quest to kill a yeti. Head west of the ranch a little until you see a path up the mountain. Slay the yeti.

Continue along the road east and you will see a quarry, take the two trogg-killing missions. The troggs for the easier quest are outside, the harder ones are inside. Kill'm all and turn it in. Head further east to Loch Modan.

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