Leatherworking is an interesting tree, it allows leatherworkers to craft items for themselves then, as some of them evolve into mail armors, you can make mail armor with leatherworking.

The best leatherworkers are hunters. Hunters spend a good deal of time killing animals for parts to feed to their pets. Animals also are skinned for hides, making them idea leatherworkers as well.

Since leatherworkers require two professions to be successful, non-leather classes rarely take this profession. In a group, expect you will usually be the only leatherworker.

Leatherworkers can also create armor patches which offer permanent armor boosts to chest, legs, boots, and gloves. What's more, the patches can be sold and used by anyone, very handy.

Early leatherworking recipes should be vendored, but as you start making uncommon items, you should start selling them at auction for about +10% or a little less than what is currently on the market (whichever is lowest)

There are three branches to late-game leatherworking, you must choose one:

• Tribal leatherworking focus' on making int and spirit items, good for Shaman and Druids. Tribal items are leather.

• Dragonscale focus' on making mail items that boost strength and stamina, good for melee Shaman.

• Elemental items are made for Rogues and Hunters as they boost agility and stamina.

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