Night Elf Levels

You start off in Aldrassil. Pick up the quest to talk with the dryad along with the Nightsabre/Boar quest. You can find the dryad pretty easily simply by going west of the quest giver. Kill the boars, cats, and grells and turn in the missions. Pick up the webwood egg mission, along with the one to help the brewer's friend. Head north-west to the cave and kill the spiders for their venom. To the left of the cave, in a nook, is the sick friend, talk to him.

Now head back and turn in the quests. You'll now need to collect some eggs, do so by heading to the back of the cave. You can pick up the ingredients for the antidote at the lake in the middle of the newbie zone and under trees. Rush the antidote to the friend. Now, one last quest, there should be an NPC with a ? over his head on the west side of Aldrassil. Talk to him, then head up the tree to get the vials quest. Head to the North-Center and fill the vial, head back. After cashing in the quest, leave the newbie zone and follow the road to Dolanaar.

Outside of Dolonaar, grab the satyr quest. As you travel around, make sure you kill the required creatures for their items for Zenn. Heading into Dolonaar you'll notice you can take several missions. Grab the mission to find a druid in Starbreeze village. The north building qill have a quest called "A troubling breeze", there is also a "hidden" quest if you go further up called the "Emerald Dreamcatcher", nab it! Grab the cook's mission for spider legs (kill whenever you see one) and talk with the druid on the south end of town for the vial (phial, whateva =) quest. Head to Starbreeze village and head to the big building on the left, killing the furlbolgs on the way. You will also see a moonwell, that's right, fill the vial. Heading into the building, go to the top floor to get the next part of the quest. Now head further into the village to the houses, in one will be a drawer with the dreamcatcher in it. Head back to Dolonaar to turn in the three quests.

Grind a bit by killing the local creatures (doing the Zenn and cooking quest is a good idea!) and grab the mission that will take you to the lake. Head to the lake, on the south side is a druid with two more quests for you, getting a drop and a very weird pickup mission. Kill the swamp beasts you see and pick up the seeds, then turn in the quest.

The rest of the quests in Dolonaar are group-oriented, so get some buddies. If you don't have friends, head to the human section and do those quests. Head to Darnassus, from their portal to the village. Griffon to darkshore, then take the boat from Darkshore to Menethil. Click the griffon master in Menethil to get the travel point (though you can't use it yet) and then run north, then east, then south to Loch Modan. You will die, many times, expect it. Pick up the Loch Modan travel point in Theslamar village and then head southwest to Dun Morough. West more to Ironforge (get the griffon point), onto the tram to Stormwind.

If you do have friends, get the "twisted hatred" mission and head north to the cave. Kill the grell and the satyr in the cave. Cash it in. Then head southeast after you pick up the relics quest in Dolonaar. Do the quest for the cool reward. Head to the human missions, they are much more fun.

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