Orc Troll

The Orc/Troll missions are fairly simple. Talk to the NPC in front of you when you first spawn. He'll send you to an NPC in a cavern also in front of you. Talk to the NPC and pick up the boar-killing mission. Kill the boars and return to the NPC.

Pick up the next mission from him to kill scorpions, also pick up the mission from the cook to the right of the cave on the hill for cactus apples. Cactus apples spawn around the boars, scorpions are behind them. Around the scorpion area you will see a quest NPC who asks you to kill a named scorpion. To do so, look in the direction opposite of the tree the NPC is under, you should see a cliff you can access, go up there and you will find the named NPC. Kill it. Talk to the dying guy and then turn in the three quests.

Pick up the quest to kill the familiars, there should also be a quest along the right hand side of the road to awaken peons. Take and do the peon mission on your way. You'll find the familiars outside a cavern in the northeast part of the newbie zone. Turn in the familiar and peon mission and you should get two for inside the cavern. The middle path will take you to the pickaxe, the right path will take you to the named NPC you need to kill.

Head out of the newbie area and follow the road til you reach the sign for Sen'jin village, go there. Take all the missions you can see there. Kill the crawlers and Makuras along the shore, but if it gets to tedious, do the others. You can find tigers on the southern islands if you can't find any on the main one.

You can also do the centaur attack plans mission, which is a good experience builder if you kill the centaurs along your merry way. It isn't hard to find the plans, just look within tents. Be sure to grab the razor hill delivery mission.

Don't do the troll missions on the main island, they're probably too advanced. Instead head back onto the road and up to razor hill. Grab the "Vanquish the Betrayers" mission and "Encroachment" from the NPC in the bunker. Head southwest along the road and kill the sailors and knights at the keep, head in and kill Benedict at the top. Use his key in the upper upper portion of the keep to unlock a chest containing a new quest item.

Do Encroachment after you finish that quest. Look for brambles, the hardest one to find is located directly west of Razor Hill. This is also a good experience builder since you are killing all those quillboars.

Turn in the two quests (get the next one from the quest item), and grab the raptor eggs quest. Head back down to Sen'Jin. Do the troll missions and the skull along with the raptor eggs quest and turn them in to the NPCs. Now head north towards Orgimaar. On the way you'll see a goblin to your left, take his missions and kill the harpies with the canyon. Then head into Orgrimaar.

Turn in your mission and talk with Thrall who will tell you of the burning blade. Grab his mission and head out. Head back to Razor Hill and travel north-west to Ragefire Canyon, bring a friend and do Dark Storms. Head north then follow the walls of Orgrimaar east to the coast where you'll see a cave. Don't go in yet, head south til you see the NPC you need from the Dark Storms sequal, talk with him.

Now head into the cave and collect the collars and insignia from random burning blades. Also kill the NPC in the back for another quest item. Turn these all in.

Ragefire Chasm should be considered, but is optional. Remember as you go through it that you will be heading right. The first right will take you to the satchel quest, the second will take you to the three boss monsters. There are two quests in Thunderbluff for this instance, as well as 1 in the Undercity. The fourth and fifth are from Orgrimaar but require previous questing.

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