Recommended Tradeskills

Priests are very good at healing but could be better at mana-management. Unlike Mages and Warlocks, who can usually afford to ignore spirit, Priests should be concerned with getting that mana up. Priests don't need bleeding-edge gear, but they should certainly keep it up.

• Tailoring and enchanting is a natural choice, go for this to you're your cloth armor up to date. Don't be afraid to wear some damage or heal-enhancing equipment this profession offers later once you get your regeneration/casting down. If you feel like you are slipping and find yourself drinking a lot, switch back to spirit.

• Alchemy is a useful profession for this class. Priests will occasionally find themselves in trouble. When this happens, it's always good to be able to heal your health or mana for free. Plus alchemy has some nice bonus' to other stats with wisdom potions.

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