Resting in World of Warcraft can be best explained like this. As you are offline, you accumulate rest. Rest, when played, allows you to accumulate more experience points, which in turn allow you to level up. A casual gamer who plays less than a hardcore or frequent gamer will find that he gains more experience from gameplay, so he levels faster. Though in World of Warcraft hardcore players level faster, casual players aren't always left in the dust. Logging off at inns accumulates rest faster than anywhere else and there is a rest cap, so you can just create a character at level 1 and expect them to have enough rest up to level sixty.

Rested player receive 200% experience from monster (not quests) until they are no longer rested. Eight hours of logged off time at a city or inn equals one bubble of rest.

The rest maximum is 30 bubbles of experience or 1.5 levels (240 hours of not playing the character, 10 days). If you intend to create a primary character, it can't hurt to have a secondary. Log in to the secondary character every ten days, gain a level and a half of experience, and hearth back to the inn.

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