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Level 1 to 60: World of Warcraft is a fast paced game - in a month you can reach the maximum level. The leveling guides for horde and alliance players show you where to go to get the best experience. This ultimate leveling break-down ranges from level 1 to 60.

Gold: No matter if you want to make safe gold without fighting or want to learn the best areas to farm a fortune. This guide provides know-how to new and advanced players alike.

The Basics: This guide leads you through the very basics of WoW - its combat system, transportation measures and item categories. Advice about grouping, deaths and many other parts of the game environment will give players new to WoW an easy start.

Warcraft Advanced: Statistics, calculating your rest times and an ingame financial guideline should help you to understand the mechanics behind World of Warcraft and how they affect you. This pragmatic advice ranges from which trade skill items to keep for which artisan to expert advice on how to profit of the WoW auction system.

Race break down: Creating your character sets the foundation for all your future actions. Valuable advice about racial abilities and starting attributes will add a lot of transparency to the difficult decision of which race to chose. This guide will tell you what you can expect from each of them.

Classes: as unique as they are, as much room there is for successful strategies... well and for unsuccessful ones as well:

• Solo and grouping roles explained for each class. While WoW certainly leaves more room for soloing than other games, you have to decide which path you want to follow.

• Hints and strategies if it comes to leveling - why learn from mistakes if you can learn from experience?

• "Builds" - find out what builds are, which choices each class has got and which ones can be recommended. This chapter helps you to tailor your character towards your individual play-style to fight with a maximum of efficiency.

• Trade skill recommendations: Your class plays a big role when it comes to choosing the right trade skills. Please read this section to ensure you don't make any wrong non-combat choices.

• Specials: In-depth looks at classes such as the survival guide for hunter pets give you a good idea how your game play should look and feel.

• The Dos and Don'ts of spells and abilities. A short and simple overview of what you need and what you shouldn't bother with.

Trade skills: After hearing already which trade skills suit which class, it's another decision on how to combine them. From Alchemy to Tailoring each and every trade skill will be analyzed in regards to benefits and cash potential. Find out now what awaits you if you master the different trade skills in WoW. Overviews of items, skills and locations for Herbalism and Mining certainly will make your artisan's life a little easier.

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