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World of Warcraft is also quite good at letting you travel around the world. The most common method is hearthing, which was mentioned above.

The next common is using the flying transportation including airships, griffons, bats, wyverns, and hippogriffs. You can find these special flying mounts in nearly any zone and all of the major cities. The air mounts cost a small fee and can quickly transport you to the zone you want, as long as you have already walked there and talked to the connection on the other side.

If, for example, you wanted to go to Stormwind from Westfall. As long as you have talked to the griffon master in Stormwind, you can fly there from Westfall.

Another method of transportation is ships and airships. These ships take of at certain docks every few minutes. The gnomish version of these, the Deeprun Tram travels underground from Ironforge to Stormwind and back.

The most fun method of transportation is using a mount. Each race has a specific mount that they can purchase once they have reached a high level of faction with their area. It is very important that you do the early missions of your faction so you can be that much closer to getting your mount early on.




Mechanical Strider



Night Elf









Undead Steed

Mounts are very expensive (80 gold), but allow you to travel around the World of Warcraft much quicker. Each mount also has a level requirement. Basic mounts can be used at level 40 whereas more advanced mounts don't become available until level 60!

It should be noted that Druids, Hunters, Mages, Paladins, and Warlocks get speed-enhancements of their own, so may wish not to buy a mount and spend their money on other things.

• Druids get a travel form at level thirty.

• Paladins can do a special quest for their horse-mount at level forty.

• Warlocks can summon a Felsteed at level forty.

• Hunters have a speed ability.

• Mages gain teleportation spells at level twenty and group portal spells at level fourty. These allow you to travel to all of your primary factions major cities. Just look for a "Portal Trainer" in the mystic quarters of each city.

There are also rare mounts to be found! These require more gold (upwards of 1000g!) but look cooler and travel faster!

Mounts make it much easier to do quests and reach friends. When looking to reach a group far away or even running through lower level instances, mounts are a must-have for any serious hardcore player.

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