Reaching the Emerald Dream is accomplished using the methods described in the Warcraft RPG. An individual can visit through a dream journey or by using gate or a similar planar travel spell.

By far, the most likely method of travel for most creatures is within their dreams. Some sages believe that most, if not all, animals in the world dream their way into the Emerald Dream on a regular basis. A visitor to the plane never knows for sure whether he is encountering a dream-version of an animal visiting in its sleep, or an actual native of the plane.

Druids of the wild also visit the plane using their hibernation ability and with certain spells. Generally, these travels happen unimpeded, since they are almost always peaceful and can cause no lasting damage. After all, a dream visitor cannot even remove physical objects when he departs. However, many believe that Ysera, the great green dragon who rules the Emerald Dream, instantly knows the nature and identity of all travelers to her realm who visit by this method. Documented cases tell of malicious dream-walkers finding entrance to si!ยป

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