Reaching the Elemental Plane can be accomplished through any standard method (i.e., those spells that allow planar travel, such as plane shift or gate). Elementals can also be summoned using the appropriate spells, but these spells do not permit travel in the opposite direction.

Some areas on Azeroth provide direct access to specific locations upon the Elemental Plane. Scholars refer to these areas as "transit nodes." Although no permanent gate exists, opening the transit node can be accomplished through a simple dimension door spell cast within 30 feet of the node. The dimension door allows the traveler to step through directly into the Elemental Plane at a specific spot corresponding to that transit node. In other words, a traveler can later use the same node again to reach the identical location — a far more reliable method of travel than plane shift, for example.

Transit nodes exist only in specific elementalbased locations on Azeroth, such as within volcanoes, underneath deep oceans or lakes, and the like. Identifying one while traveling in the appropriate terrain requires a DC 35 Knowledge (the planes) or Spellcraft check.

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