Air The Skywall

The air above the middle tier of the Elemental Plane looks much like Azeroth's sky at first glance. A yellow sun, immobile and persistent, hovers in the air, surrounded by drifting clouds and other, more violent storms. Birds and much stranger creatures flit about.

Above the sun, invisible from the ground, lies the fortress of the air elementals. Thick stone walls, fashioned of rock stolen from the earth below, hang suspended by permanent cyclones in the shape of pillars. Lightning and strong winds constantly swirl about the Skywall, making natural flight in the vicinity all but impossible.

Inside the fortress, Al'Akir the Windlord holds court, ruling over his elemental kin. He enjoys watching over the rest of the plane, traveling in the guise of a thundercloud. Sometimes he attacks the seas or land below for no apparent reason, while other times he avoids combat with other elementals. What his true motives are remain unknown.

Traveling through the realm of air requires the ability to fly, but even this can be dangerous. There is little cover from the air elementals roaming the skies, except within the towering clouds. The Skywall is a place of swirling storms and arcing lightning, of wild updrafts and columns of roiling, angry clouds.

Travelers through the Windlord's domain are subject to two serious hazards: wind buffeting and lightning storms. During each hour of travel through the Skywall, roll 1d6. On a 1, the visitors encounter strong winds, while on a 6, they are assaulted by lightning storms.

Wind buffeting covers a 50-foot diameter area and causes effects similar to that of a greater air elemental's whirlwind, dealing 2d8 points of damage with a save DC of 25 (no damage on a successful save). The windstorm ends after 2d6 rounds and moves capriciously during that period, changing position in a random direction and by 1d6 x 10 feet each round.

Lightning storms last for 2d6 rounds. Each round, 1d4 individuals in the affected area (as determined by the DM) are blasted by a natural lightning bolt that deals 16d6 points of electricity damage (Reflex DC 25 for half). At the storm's conclusion, the raw energy in the air burns itself out in a final volley that hits up to 4d6 targets in the affected area, similar to a chain lightning spell. Obviously, some form of electricity resistance is highly recommended when traveling within the Skywall.

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