Aman Thul the High Father

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Male Aesir titan, 20th-level healer/l0th-level druid of the wild/10th-level shaman

Gargantuan Outsider (Air, Eternal, Extraplanar, Lawful, Water)

85 (-4 size, +7 Dex, +45 natural, +19 deflection, +8 divine), touch 40, flat-footed 78 +45/+103

Orodur +96 melee (3d6+34/19-20 plus 4d6 electricity, 4d6 sonic and deafness)

Orodur +94/+89/+84/+79 melee (3d6+34/19-20 plus 4d6 electricity, 4d6 sonic and deafness) and Orodur +94/+89/+84 melee (3d6+21/19-20 plus 4d6 electricity, 4d6 sonic and deafness), or 2 slams +87 melee (3d8+26) 20 ft./15 ft.

Domination (DC 71), epic weapons (lawful), spells, spell-like abilities Darkvision 255 mi., low-light vision 425 mi., blindsight 85 mi., true seeing, dreamwalking, elemental mastery, healing touch, green sleep, nature sense, spontaneous casting (cure and summon nature's ally spells), weather sense +10, wild shape 5/day, woodland stride, booming voice, damage reduction 20/adamantine and epic, Eternal immunities, Eternal presence (8,500 ft., DC 71), fast healing 42, favored enemy (chaotic outsiders), flight, immortal, keen senses, metal flesh, resistance to acid, cold, electricity, fire and sonic 10, shining brilliance, sense life, skill master, spell resistance 35, telepathy, uncanny dodge, air subtype, lawful subtype, titan traits, Eternal traits

Fort +92, Ref +78, Will +93 Str 62, Dex 24, Con 53, lnt 42, Wis 51, Cha 48

Bluff +95, Concentration +117, Craft (blacksmithing) +122, Craft (cartogra

Space/Reach: Special Attacks:

Special Qualities:

Saves: Abilities:



phy) +122, Craft (sculpture) +122, Craft (woodworking) +122, Decipher Script +87, Diplomacy +98, Heal +116, Hide + 3, Intimidate +98, Knowledge (arcana) +102, Knowledge (geography) +102, Knowledge (nature) +122, Knowledge (the planes) +102, Listen +114, Search +100, Sense Motive+106, Spellcraft +115, Spot +114, Survival +108, Use Magic Device +95 Awesome Blow, Bash*, Block Spell*, Brew Potion, Empower Spell, Greater Two-Weapon Fighting, Hasten Spelltt, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Counterspell, Improved Critical (quarterstaff), Improved lnitiativeB, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Iron Will, Link Spelltt, Magic Energy Control*, Maximize Spell, Quicken Spell, Transcendent Spelltt, Two-Weapon Fighting, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (quarterstaff), Widen Spell Big SmashJJ, Dire BashJJ, Epic CounterspellJJ, Improved Awesome BlowJJ, Improved Metamagic (x2), Improved Spell Capacity (x7) Any Unique 77

Double standard, including Orodur Lawful neutral By character class Level Adjustment: +20

The massive humanoid creature has platinum skin that gleams and shimmers, throwing dancing lights through the air as he moves. His eyes glow yellow, and he holds a great, metallic staff bearing a lightning motif. Violet-yellow electricity plays across the staff.

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