Muradin is the second of three remarkable brothers: his older brother Magni is king of Khaz Modan, while his younger brother Brann is a renowned explorer. During the Second War, Muradin served as liaison between Lordaeron and Khaz Modan; when the war ended, he remained in Lordaeron as Magni's ambassador. In the few peaceful years that followed, Muradin grew close to Lordaeron's royal family. He befriended the young prince, Arthas, and tutored him in the ways of the warrior. During these years, Muradin and his brother Brann joined forces with a few other prominent dwarves to found the Explorer's Guild — an

Ironforge-based organization dedicated to charting the world, cataloging its denizens, searching it for titan ruins and going where no dwarf had gone before.

In his travels, Muradin visited Northrend and became fascinated with the desolate continent. He returned to it often, observing its ferocious natives and sketching its ruined architecture. During one expedition, Muradin and his dwarven contingent discovered that some force was growing powerful in Northrend. It was insidious and far-reaching; Muradin believed it could pose a danger to Lordaeron. He sent word ofthis mysterious threat to King Terenas, who asked Muradin to remain in Northrend to gather intelligence. Soon after, the Scourge revealed itself and undead forces attacked Muradin's camp, forcing the dwarves into besieged seclusion.

Several weeks later, Prince Arthas, hunting the dreadlord Mal'Gannis, landed at Northrend and inadvertently discovered Muradin and his troops. Arthas and Muradin joined forces and routed the nearby Scourge contingent, and Muradin promised to help Arthas vanquish the Scourge. To this end, he told the prince of an ancient runeblade lost in the frozen wasteland. Arthas and Muradin battled their way to the sword's location, only to discover that it bore a mysterious curse. Muradin urged Arthas to leave it be,

iwQmAmismimfcmrMm but the prince, maddened by vengeance, slew his friend Muradin and claimed the sword, Frostmourne.

The statistics above represent Muradin shortly before Terenas assigned him to Northrend.

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