Orgrim Doomhammer is one of the most legendary warchiefs in the history of the Horde. A general in the orcish army during the First War, he was one of the most loyal officers under Blackhand the Destroyer. Following the war, when Doomhammer discovered that Blackhand was under the sway of a shadowy council of warlocks, Orgrim proved that his loyalty was not to his commander but to the Horde when he killed Blackhand, assumed the role of Warchief, and systematically slaughtered nearly every member of the Shadow Council.

A bitter enemy of the Alliance, Doomhammer was in the front ranks as he led the Horde into Khaz Modan and the Second War. Although he commanded the Horde with an iron fist, Doomhammer also demonstrated his prowess as a diplomat as he made new allies for the Horde among the goblins and trolls of Azeroth. Yet despite his immense army

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Eventually, Doomhammer met Thrall, who convinced him that the Horde could be freed from slavery and ultimately saved from demonic corruption. Doomhammer helped Thrall free many clans, but he fell in battle. Before dying, he passed on the mantle of Warchief to Thrall — as well as his famous armor and favored weapon.

These stats represent Orgrim Doomhammer — warrior, rogue and wanderer — as he meets Grom Hellscream and learns of the young chieftain Thrall for the first time.

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