When the demons first came to Azeroth 10,000 years ago and blasted Kalimdor apart, Maiev Shadowsong was a young Kaldorei and could do little but observe the destruction. She witnessed red-skinned monsters stomping across the ground, slaughtering her family and friends. Fire rained from the heavens, and Azshara, the sorcerer-queen, continued to summon ever more monstrosities into the world. Maiev was horrified. When she miraculously survived the War of the Ancients and traveled to Mount Hyjal, she was certain that arcane magic was a horrid, filthy power that had brought doom to the world. The second Well of Eternity's creation shocked Maiev, and she was glad when Malfurion imprisoned Illidan beneath the earth. In fact, she approached the druid and demanded that she be allowed to watch over him, ensuring that he never escaped to wreak his evil. The young elf's zeal and skills impressed Malfurion, and he appointed her Illidan's eternal warden.

Though her primary charge was Illidan Stormrage, Maiev, as senior warden, also served as bounty hunter and assassin of enemies and escaped criminals. Maiev served well for 10,000 years, training constantly. However, when the Third War came to Kalimdor, she could not prevent Tyrande Whisperwind from releasing Illidan. Shamed and angered, Maiev emerged from the deep caverns and resolved to track down the Betrayer and end his treachery once and for all. When she discovered that Illidan had consumed the Skull of Gul'dan and turned against the night elves, she became even more enraged. This creature had slid from her grasp, and she would make him pay.

Sinking into vengeful madness, Maiev pursued Illidan all the way to Outland. Emotion clouded her vision, and Illidan slipped away from her several times. Finally, when Maiev was all but blinded by frustration and vengeance, the Betrayer got the better of her. Maiev died alone on the red sand, unmourned, unsung, with none to remember her fall, her soul empty of all but rage.

The statistics above represent Maiev immediately before Illidan escaped.

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