Prior to the Second War, Archbishop Farol of Lordaeron created an elite fighting force of divine knights—champions imbued with the Holy Light's power. The archbishop ordained many warriors into this new order called the Knights of the Silver Hand, the first of whom was Uther. Uther was the paladins' first captain and a great man. He served as military advisor to King Terenas in the Second War and employed his tactical skills to combat the Horde. He, along with several other heroes, led the Alliance forces as they drove the orcs south into Azeroth and the Dark Portal, and finally defeated them entirely.

Uther continued to lend his talents to Lordaeron after the Second War. He never had a family of his own; and, as King Terenas was like a brother to him, the crown prince Arthas became like a favored nephew. Uther trained the young boy and inducted him into the paladins' ranks when Arthas was but nineteen years old. Uther and his paladins hunted the new Horde after Thrall's ascendance, but never managed to corner the cunning warlord. Taking command of Lordaeron's armies as the Third War began, Uther advised Arthas against pursuing his hatred to Northrend. Arthas did not listen, and the next time Uther saw his adopted nephew Arthas had become a death knight. Uther fought valiantly, tears of anger and love in his eyes, but Arthas ran him through. The Alliance considers Uther one of its greatest heroes, and a small shrine to the fallen general stands in the Western Plaguelands.

The statistics above represent Uther at the Third War's beginning.

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