Alleria Windrunner served with the Alliance during the Second War against the orcish Horde. Most of her family was slain when the Horde devastated Quel'thalas (her two sisters — Sylvanas, currently Queen of the Forsaken, and Vereesa, a ranger who helped Rhonin free Alexstrasza — survived to become heroes in their own right); in memory ofher people, Alleria vowed revenge against all orcs. She and a group of other rangers soon began a campaign to root out and destroy the survivors of the Bleeding Hollow Clan.

Some time later, Alleria accompanied Khadgar, Danath, Turalyon, Kurdran and Sky'rie through the Dark Portal to Draenor in an attempt to end the threat of further Horde invasions. She fought Deathwing and later aided in defending Khadgar when he finally closed the last Dark Portal to Azeroth, after which Draenor itself was sundered in a fiery cataclysm. Alleria, along with her surviving allies, leapt into the Twisting Nether and has not

rftmt been seen since. The statistics provided here represent her abilities as of the point she vanished, and are appropriate for roleplaying should she ever return to Azeroth.

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