Archimonde is Sargeras' oldest and most terrible servant. The greatest of all eredar warlocks, Archimonde serves as general and overlord for the dark titan's armies, controlling what is known as the Burning Legion — a vast horde of demons, pit lords and eredar warlocks.

Early on in his reign over the Burning Legion, Archimonde appointed the former leader of the enslaved pit lords, Mannoroth, as his second-in-command. Together, they led the Legion in the Burning Crusade — a vast war of destruction with the goal of razing every world that had been ordered and shaped by the ancient titans. Archimonde led Sargeras' forces against the young world of Azeroth, but was eventually stopped and forced into retreat by the demi-god Cenarius and the dragon Aspects.

Years later, Archimonde led the Burning Legion against Azeroth a second time. This time, he preceded the invasion with a contagion that spread quickly among the human kingdoms and transformed the infected into hideous, undead monstrosities. This time, the invasion succeeded. Archimonde's forces swept across huge portions of the world and destroyed everything in their path. However, Archimonde was eventually defeated and slain just moments from his ultimate victory as he latched onto the World Tree and tried to drain it of its power.

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