Known as "the Destructor," Mannoroth was the barbaric leader of the Pit Lords when the dark titan Sargeras subjugated them and bent them to his will. When Archimonde was placed in command of the pit lords, he recognized Mannoroth's value as a brutal, bloodthirsty fighter and made the pit lord his second-in-command. Mannoroth helped lead the Burning Legion in assaults on countless worlds, and led the first invasion of Azeroth. He single-handedly slaughtered entire regiments of Kaldorei defenders and sowed chaos by unleashing squads of doomguard across the land. Although his forces were ultimately defeated and forced to flee from Azeroth, Mannoroth was pleased with the level of carnage that he had inflicted.

In preparation for the Burning Legion's second invasion of Azeroth, Kil'jaeden dispatched Mannoroth to Draenor. There, twelve clan chieftains of the orc Horde drank from Mannoroth's blood and fell prey to the curse of bloodlust. Their corruption quickly spread to the rest of the Horde and ultimately led to their ill-fated assault on the human kingdoms on Azeroth.

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During the Third War, Mannoroth was slain by his greatest creation and most favored pupil, Grom Hellscream — a fitting irony, some might say.

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