Born to Durotan, chieftain of the Frostwolf clan, Thrall was destined to lead his people. Just a few weeks after his birth, however, Thrall's parents were murdered by assassins from a rival clan. Left for dead in the freezing snow, Thrall only survived because a wandering group of humans stumbled upon him and brought him back to their encampment. Aedelas Blackmoore, the leader of Thrall's human rescuers, took the infant as his slave and raised him with a combination of savage beatings and brainwashing.

Thrall spent most of his early years fighting in brutal gladiatorial slave pits for the enjoyment of masses of spectators. His spirit was tempered by his early experiences, and he became determined to be free. He eventually escaped from the slave encampment where he had spent most ofhis life and met a group of free orcs

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bhwuhbwbwwmi under the leadership of Orgrim Doomhammer. Together, they freed the rest ofthe orcs from imprisonment and prepared to lead their kin to freedom. In one ofthe last raids, Doomhammer was slain and Thrall inherited the title of Warchief of the Horde. Soon after, he was contacted in a vision by the prophet Medivh. Medivh showed him visions of the upcoming invasion ofthe Scourge and Burning Legion, and convinced Thrall to seek a new homeland across the ocean. In a surprise raid, Thrall captured several warships from the Alliance Navy and used them to transport the Horde through the Maelstrom to the distant shores of Kalimdor. There, Thrall encountered tauren tribes, Tyrande's night elf Sentinels and Jaina's humans. After allying with them to break an invasion by the Burning Legion, Thrall's orcs settled in central Kalimdor and founded a nation called Durotar, in honor of his father. Thrall now resides in the city of Orgrimmar, Durotar's capital, and watches over his race's establishment of their new homeland.

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